Marie, I have a question, and the answers I have gotten are not always the same. Do I need to wash my breast with a damp cloth before each breastfeeding to avoid infections? Thanks in advance! Flavie

Flavie, I am sure that there are many opinions out there. The answer I have for you, having attended breastfeeding training sessions, is NO, you don’t need to wash your breasts. 

When you wash your breasts, you remove the natural fatty coating that protects and hydrates the areola and nipples. If you wash before each breastfeeding session, you dry the site, and this can lead to cracking or irritation. Here are some general recommendations:

  •   Shower or bathe daily and wash your breasts with clean water
  •   Never wash your nipples during breastfeeding
  •   Do not use oils, creams or lotions unless recommended by breastfeeding or health professionals
  •   Always wash your hands before breastfeeding (to avoid transmitting an infection)
  •   Avoid dampness in your bra and breastfeeding compresses. Change them frequently
  • Éviter l’humidité dans ton soutien-gorge et les compresses d’allaitement en les changeant fréquemment par prévention.

Flavie, I hope this helps!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

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