Homeopathy and Children


Hello Parents,

Today I want to talk about homeopathy.

When your children show different kinds of symptoms, parents will often choose to use alternative medicine before using pharmaceutical products. I often say that traditional medicine has a role to play, but, holistically, if you can act early to improve the symptoms without having to treat, why not?

Every person has a vision, perception, philosophy and cultural belief about using homeopathic medicine, which I fully respect.

There are no magical cures that work 100% of the time for everyone. However, we can offer concrete options for certain ailments, which we can improve using homeopathy.

In this entry:

Homeopathic medications are designed with therapeutic indication and posology adapted to the general population, from babies to seniors. The goal is to relieve symptoms associated, for example, with colds, sleep problems, seasonal allergies, some pregnancy ailments and stress.

Homeopathic medications aren’t new. In the past, different populations used plant mixes or liquids to soothe or relieve certain ailments.

More than 1000 base substances for homeopathic use exist.

These appropriate dilutions meet quality standards for good manufacturing practices (GMP) and respect Canadian natural health product regulations (NHPR) established by Health Canada. These regulations “help give Canadians access to a wide range of natural health products that are safe, effective and of high quality.”1.

Different pharmacy chains in Canada and Quebec distribute homeopathic medications, as well as stores specialising in natural products.

What are the indications when using homeopathic medications?

1 About Natural Health Product Regulation in Canada, Health Canada

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