Marie, my five-month-old baby has a cold and is very congested. I am regularly using saline water and a nose pump regularly, but do you have other suggestions to decongest? Thank you for everything you do for parents! Rosanna

It is never fun when a baby is all stuffed up. A baby who seems to have a cold may not have an infection, and usually, it will dissipate over time.

It will take a good week or even ten days to see significant improvement. Make sure the baby eats and drinks well, sleeps well and their general state is fine. They may have a fever for a short period, but if it persists and their health deteriorates, don’t hesitate to see a health professional.

Practical things you can do to help clear a baby’s airways by liquifying their discharge:

  • Before breastfeeding them, use saline water and a nose pump regularly. This will help the baby suck better.
  • Take a bath or shower with the baby so that they can breathe in water vapour. This will significantly help in liquefying their discharges and help them cough or sneeze them out or swallow them.
  • Make sure the baby drinks a lot to maintain body hydration.
  • Make sure they maintain their sleep routine during the day to help them recover.
  • Keep room temperature cooler, around 19-20 degrees, to avoid the propagation of microorganisms that prefer heat and humidity.
  • All people who care for the baby need to wash their hands with cleaning soap or gel regularly.
  • Monitor the baby’s body temperature to see if it rises. Treat it as required.
  • Apply eucalyptus oil to their onesie (on each shoulder) or their sheets which will help them breathe better. There are also sprays and mattress covers that contain eucalyptus. Never apply directly to the skin.
  • Raise the head of the bed using a rolled towel under the mattress. This will help them breathe better.

Rosanna, those are a few ideas you can use to help your baby breathe better.

If your baby’s nose is still runny after 10 days, or their health deteriorates, you should go see your doctor.

Baby’s can frequently have a congested nose when teething.


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