My son just started daycare 2 days a week, as he is already 9 months old. This morning when I took him there, I heard children coughing and was wondering how I can prevent my baby from getting an infection. Do you have any practical suggestions I can use in the home? Thanks in advance, Carolyne

Carolyne, excellent observation, and daycares are a hotbed for the transmission of infections between children. To help you at home to reduce the risk of infections, here are some things you can do:

  •       Wash your hands with warm water, soap or an alcohol-based disinfectant before picking up your          baby;
  •       If you have a cold or fever, you can pick up your baby, but never kiss him and avoid contact with            other people who have signs of a cold or fever;
  •       If your baby has symptoms, keep them at home and avoid public spaces;
  •       Avoid cigarette smoke, as it is harmful to their pulmonary system.

I hope this helps, Carolyne. And don’t forget, you can prevent every baby ailment. Infections help build their immune system over time. But these simple things can help you reduce the risk of infection.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert


Évitez en tout temps la fumée de cigarette qui n’aide en rien au niveau pulmonaire.

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