How would I know, Mary, if I have a blocked milk duct in my breast? I wouldn’t know how to find out. How could I?

Thanks you for all, Anne-Lyne

Anne-Lyne, if you had a blocked milk duct, you could notice:

  • discomfort or pain when you feed;
  • a red furrow on your breast that follows the duct and is sensitive to touch;
  • a white spot at the end of your nipple (coagulated milk blocking the milk duct and making feeding uncomfortable).

Also, if you had a blocked duct, you could try to feed baby more frequently, apply heat for a few minutes to the area before feeding, and massage while baby is sucking to help expel the plug blocking the duct. You could also try a traitement aux ultrasons.

Tu peux aussi avoir un traitement aux ultrasons qui aide dans ces circonstances.

Vary your breastfeeding positions, make sure that your milk production isn’t excessive, which promotes milk stagnation and milk clots forming. Ensure that your baby has a good grip and suction. Of course, if the situation is worsening, seek advice from a lactation specialist, as required.

I hope that this short note will be helpful to you.

Looking forward to it,


The baby expert

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