I wanted to tell you that I am very sad because yesterday, my baby fell off the changing table and I feel so guilty! I am a good mother, but I was wondering if other mothers have ever felt this type of guilt? Thanks, Marika

Marika, we always try to do the best in life! As parents, we try to prevent everything we can from happening to our children. We try to avoid harm and its consequences, but life is full of unexpected events. A tiny baby can, without notice, turn over and fall off the changing table. You are not alone, as many mothers have told me this happened to them. Their baby fell off the table, or their bed, the couch…Even newborns can involuntarily turn over if they have good muscle tone. That is why we always tell parents to keep their eye on their little ones and ensure that safety measures are always in place, even if you are just crossing the room to grab a diaper. You can read an article I wrote with Karl, a paramedic, dealing with preventative measures you can take for the safety of young children.

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