Marie, I had my baby three weeks ago, and still feel incompetence in managing the arrival of a baby in our life. I was wondering if it’s normal that I think this way? Thanks for all your support, it helps reassure me!



Of course, you are normal, Roxanne! When you start a new job, one you had never done before, do you feel very competent after only the first couple of weeks? I don’t think so…so it’s the same when you are a new parent. You have to learn, and it requires time and adaptation based on your own personal experiences.

When I did my master’s thesis at university, I studied the needs of mothers after giving birth to their first child in the maternity ward, and those manifested a week later in the home. Please read The Needs of New Mothers, which talks about the physical, psychological and support needs expressed by mothers I interviewed. You will see that you are feeling the same way as many mothers do.

Viens lire mon billet Besoins des nouvelles mères sur les besoins physiques,

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert




. Viens lire mon billet Besoins des nouvelles mères sur les besoins physiques, psychologiques et de soutien exprimés par les mères interrogées. Uu pourras ainsi constater que ce n’est pas si différent dans le jardin du voisin.


À très bientôt!


La spécialiste des bébés

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