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Pour lire la partie précédente du récit de Charlotte, voir Ces semaines 3 et 4 ont été celles de plein de belles découvertes.

My baby,

Weeks 5 and 6 in your life were all about travel! You went and spent time with your grandparents (and us, of course!), met your aunts, cousins, and your grandparents’ friends. It was tiring for everyone, but also initiatory! You loved your grandmother’s songs and smiled at grandpa.

You are awake for more extended periods and sleep more at night. Your anxiety (or pains?) at night is easier to manage.

You seem to see clearer, and you note the features of people around you one at a time. You bring your fist to your mouth, which tells me you will be sucking your thumb for comfort soon. You solidly grab anything placed in front of you now.

Photo - Pieds de bébé - journal intime de Charlotte

Even though you ask for mom when you are really unhappy (“momammm”), you have made grand declarations of love, but only to dad for the moment! Magnificent sounds that tell the whole story. You pull on your tongue and laugh, and really seem to want to communicate! You have a mischievous look to you! You dance with your head like mom!

You can now differentiate between us with your sight (it’s likely been a while by smell and sound!). The other day you seemed to contently smile on my breast after you were separated for a couple of seconds.

All 5 of us went on vacation to the mountain as a family. It was really moving to see everyone together for the first time. Your brother and sister learned a lot about taking care of you and getting to know you.

You experiment with sounds…”nnn” which seems to mean no when you are angry, babbling, and a big “ouneumeu” when seeing your sister. But you are also more sensitive to sounds which scare you sometimes, make you jump or even cry.

You are slowly learning to be autonomous. You fell asleep in the car, sucking my finger while you were very sad. You sometimes fall asleep in the car seat on your own, even if it’s not in the car. You fall asleep with a song or when rocked or holding you against our heart when not breastfeeding.

I will always remember the softness of your feet.

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Lisez la suite du récit en consultant Ces semaines 7 et 8 ont été celles de belles découvertes.

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