I would like to know if I use a nipple shield with my 2-week old baby, at some point will I be able to remove it or will she have become too used to it? I am using it because she doesn’t feed on my breasts despite all our efforts…She was born at 37 weeks. I wonder if I will always have to use it? Have other mothers experienced the same thing? Sophie

Sophie, you are definitely not the only mother who has experienced this. For the moment, the most important thing is that your baby feeds from your breast. When she gets used to breastfeeding, becomes stronger and has chosen your breast, you can remove the nipple shield (for example, when she is still sleepy). Keep rotating between your nipple and the nipple shield, and when it seems to work, stop using it. Keep an eye on your milk production, and don’t worry too much. Give your baby a chance. Please read my articles about insufficient milk and nipple pain.

 Tu peux lire mes billets sur l’insuffisance de lait et sur les douleurs aux mamelons.

A nipple shield is not a solution for all breastfeeding issues and problems. That’s why you have to use it sparingly to avoid possible negative consequences. Adapting to breastfeeding takes time and patience. Don’t think that the nipple shield has solved your breastfeeding problem. A baby that feeds with a nipple shield doesn’t really feed on your breasts and as such doesn’t learn how to.

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