I am breastfeeding my two-month-old, and I have so much breast milk I could sell it! I am frequently engorged, uncomfortable after feeding. Additionally, a friend told me that I could get an infection in my breasts if I don’t empty them. Is that true? If yes, how can I avoid infection? Thanks for everything! Chrystel

Chrystel, basically you have a good problem! You are producing more than your baby needs, which is better than not producing enough. You can quickly solve your situation. Here are some basic things you can do to reduce your production, better empty your breasts and avoid mastitis (breast infections):

  • Feed on one breast at a time instead of two. Pump the second as needed to soothe your discomfort, but don’t empty it. A breast pump stimulates production less than your baby, and your production will gradually diminish over time.
  • Between feedings, avoid stimulating your breasts by pumping them.
  • Change breastfeeding positions to empty all the parts of your breasts to prevent stagnant milk and infections it can cause.

By taking these precautions, you will see that your production will gradually shift to what your baby needs. You will have less engorgement and discomfort. If your baby is still hungry after the first breast, you can give them the second as required. Don’t worry, your baby won’t go hungry! 

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

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