Article updated in January 2023.

Dear Parents,

I know that you are very sensitive to your baby’s development, both emotionally and physically. While affective and emotional development is discreet during the first year, it is a crucial stage for their social and affective skills.

Here is a very interesting link to the practical tools that the CHU Sainte-Justine workers produce via the ABCdaire as a reference for your baby’s age (in French).

In this article, I will talk more about baby motor development from birth to one year of age.

In this article:



A Child’s Development Pace

Each child has their own developmental pace and abilities. Motor development for children born prematurely or with health problems will be modulated based on their condition. The parent is there to work with and stimulate the child over the different development stages to promote the optimal development of their abilities. In this case, stimulating means “encouraging” your child. You want them to add these activities to their daily routines over time.

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