Marie, I had my first baby 3 months ago, and my son has always been a big drinker. I have exclusively breastfed him for the past 2 days, and he is drinking a lot, and my family is telling me he needs to start eating. Is that what I should do? Thanks for your help, Catherine

Dear Catherine,

A young baby’s appetite can vary over time, but they will also go through a few growth spurts. Growth spurts are when babies require more nourishment over a short period to meet their development needs. The baby wants more and NOW 😊, but unfortunately, your breasts may not produce sufficient amounts of milk. You need more time to increase your milk production.

The first growth period can be seen in the first week after childbirth, often in coordination with your postnatal engorgement. The second is usually around 3-4 weeks, and the third around 3 months.

It’s not that your milk isn’t good, rich enough or not abundant enough. If your breastfeeding usually was fine, for sure it’s a growth spurt. Your son may breastfeed every 1.5-2 hours repeatedly and then sleep 3, 4 or 5 hours in a row, and then it starts every 2 hours again. This pace will last for a couple of days then go back to normal. And no solid foods at 3 months of age.

If you have temporary difficulty fulfilling your needs, complement your breastfeeding with a bottle given to him by your partner. This will provide you with a break so you can continue to follow your baby’s pace. Keep up the excellent work, and remember that this is only a transition phase!


The Baby Expert 

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