Marie, my baby cries for long periods during both the day and night. Most of the time, I am alone to take care of it, and I am wondering if my baby is okay and if I am doing the right things. Sometimes I am so tired and a worry that it will start crying again. I am always stressed when I go to a friend’s place or visit the family.

Can you help? Roseline

Dear Roseline, I understand! Parents are very vulnerable when a baby cries a lot. It tries our patience, and you have to be aware of your reactions. Anger is healthy, but you have to know your limits and take steps to avoid losing control and shaking the baby. This can lead to regrettable outcomes. Please read my article about Shaken Baby Syndrome where I talk about practical things you can do for a baby that cries a lot. It might be able to help your situation!

Thank you for opening up, and remember, it’s a passing phase.

The Baby Expert