Marie, I am a new mother and just learned that my baby has a hip subluxation due to his breech position in my uterus. The doctor talked to me about a harness, and it breaks my heart! A tiny 12 day old baby with all that equipment…I am so sad. Can you tell me more about it? Thanks, Suzanne

Suzanne, I understand your sadness, but remember that your baby is healthy. Hip subluxation, or congenital hip luxation, does not make your newborn sick. It’s a structural, functional disorder that is often temporary. The doctor should have informed you about the impact of a breech position in the uterus, which can often lead to this type of mechanical disorder. Because their hips were flexed and their legs were in a V position, the doctor will complete a full physical exam of your baby, including doing an ultrasound, to check their hips. 


In the medical world, we call this problem a congenital hip dislocation (CHD). 98% of cases are typical, and usually more than half of dislocations stabilise within a week, and 88% within two months. 


The Pavlik harness is the best treatment for a hip dislocation for newborns. This practical tool allows us to stabilise the baby’s hip articulation in an excellent position to promote proper growth. Suzanne, you must understand your baby’s situation. It’s much better to treat him at this stage than to find the problem later during their development. When the harness is installed, a professional will guide you through the care you need to give your baby. You may also be referred to a pediatric orthopedist if necessary. 

Talk soon, Suzanne, and check my website for other answers to your many questions!


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À bientôt Suzanne, et ne te gêne pas pour voir les réponses à plein d’autres questions que tu peux avoir sur

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