My baby will be 6 months old in a couple of days. Since birth, he regurgitates a lot. Many people have told me that this should stop once he starts eating solid foods. Yet I began introducing solids a month ago, and he still regurgitates a lot. Should I be worried?


Don’t be worried! You have to check how much he eats and if he drinks before eating. Sometimes it’s best to give them one breast (or half a bottle), have them eat, and then finish with the second breast or half of the bottle. This will ensure that the baby drinks enough and gets enough to eat because solids help calm the stomach, and they should regurgitate less. Watch my video about Newborn Ailments or read my article Babies that Regurgitate, Vomit or have Reflux. Since your baby is also six months old, don’t forget to add meat (for its iron content), and increase your portions of solids as your baby grows.

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