Marie, should my baby burp several times during a breastfeeding session? I am having a lot of difficulties, and he often falls asleep. He is 6 weeks old today. Thanks for your help, Justine

Dear Justine, we advise you to burp your baby to release air. This air can bother then during breastfeeding, but also discomfort them when sleeping. Often a baby will not burp a lot because they didn’t swallow air while breastfeeding. If you breastfeed your baby and he fills his mouth, latches properly, he won’t swallow much air. However, towards the end of your breastfeeding session, frequently babies will play with the nipple and swallow more air.

You can try to burp your baby, patting them softly on their back, for 1-3 minutes in the middle and at the end of their session. If nothing happens, don’t insist. If your baby becomes uncomfortable and complains in their bed, you can raise them up to help evacuate their burp, then lay them back down. I hope this has answered your question.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

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