Are you planning on a family trip? Wow! You will have some magical and unforgettable moments together!

Are you planning your vacation by car, train or plane? There are many possibilities. You first have to decide on your destination, then how to get there. Avoid travel that requires many long hours with your baby. This is some advice from a pro. Anyways, if you are travelling by car, a stop every two hours is essential to change the baby’s position.

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Many parents are hesitant about travelling with an infant. You should know that it’s possible, but requires organisation and preparation. Having a baby as a piece of luggage changes the way you travel, even for experienced parents. Your vacation will likely be calmer, and you need realistic expectations and follow your baby’s pace. Why not use this time to rest and hang out as a couple and family? It requires a lot of energy to prepare everything, but it also energises at the same time because getting away from the daily grind is always a good thing! No more meals to make, dishes to wash…😊

Are you breastfeeding and you wonder how you can continue during your trip? Breastfeeding is actually beneficial during travel with a baby. Everything is ready to serve, no formulas, milk to heat. Everything is perfect and available 24/7!

So that your trip with your young baby is fun, I suggest you prepare to avoid little…or big problems! If you plan on taking the plane with your baby, here are a few suggestions for both during and after the trip.

Preparing to Travel with a Baby

Choose your destination based on the weather, risk of severe travel illnesses, political conflicts, travel time and hotel establishments that can welcome families with young babies. Ask if they provide baby equipment, such as strollers, cribs, high chairs. This will help you plan for what you need to bring.

You should always check airline company policies when you travel with a young baby. Some will refuse babies under two weeks of age, or you might be charged additional fees (especially for international flights). Most companies do not charge for children under two years of age.

When travelling by plane outside the country, always check which documents you need to identify your baby. You can now get a passport for a baby right after childbirth. If you are leaving alone with your baby, you also need a letter of consent from the other parent authorising you to leave with your child.

Before travelling with your young baby, talk to a health professional to check if they need to get vaccines before leaving, even if they are not part of their regular vaccine schedule. The goal is to protect them as much as possible from infection risks in the destination country. To maximise vaccine effectiveness, it should be given six weeks before departure.

blogue_voyager avec bébéTry to choose a direct flight to avoid lost time waiting for transfers. Travelling with a newborn is usually very easy because they sleep more. But if your baby is almost one year old, they will want to move around during the flight. You can also reserve a travel bed to place your baby in during the trip.

Always check updated airline travel rules regarding articles you can’t bring on flights. The latest modifications add the following items that are forbidden: more than 350 ml of granular or powder materials (about the size of a soda can), for example, bath salts, sea salts, sand, baby powder, foot powder and cooking powder. However, newborn formulas, powdered proteins, tea and coffee are authorised in any amount.

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