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Hello Parents!

I would like to talk to parent travellers or those who want to become parent travellers with the latest addition to your family. A majority of parents are both happy and worried about travelling with their young ones.

In this article:

There are many places in the world that are not recommended for travel with young children, and even for adults due to:

  •    Hygiene conditions (jungle, food, contamination)
  •    High-risk countries (due to politics, culture, religion)
  •    Infection-risk countries (ticks, malaria, Zika, etc.)

Photo - papa en voyage à la plage avec bébé

You can travel to other countries, but some destinations are better for you and your children, even when very young. As an aside, it’s usually easier to travel with young babies than with children who are two or three because they want to move around, get your attention, ask for souvenirs or eat ice cream 😊

Travelling with a baby requires planning. After your first trip, you will then have experience for others. You learn by doing things and repeating them. This is how you can become better parent travellers.

Vacations can turn into nightmares if you don’t properly plan, especially with young children. You try to think of everything, yet you forget, and you have to revise. You do your best to have fun as a family. When preparing all the baby supplies and the “in case of” equipment, parents feel like they are moving rather than planning their vacation, even if it’s only for a couple of nights.

A few years ago, a new concept emerged in tourism, the “Baby Welcome!” approach. Some hotel chains, resorts and airline companies offer it. 

What does this mean? To promote travel and stays for families with young babies, these establishments have developed programs to welcome them better. They can provide supplies and services to ensure the comfort of the children. At the same time it helps parents plan.

Many sites can offer basic materials required for a child under one year of age:

  •    Adapted bathtub
  •    Safe strollers
  •    Safe adapted bed (travel crib for young children)
  •    Bottle steriliser or heater
  •    Healthy snacks
  •    Changing mattress
  •    High chair or adjustable chair
  •    Plastic dishes

Sometimes sheets and blankets can be provided for the baby. But since most children are used to their personal objects, you might prefer to bring your own to try to reproduce their daily routine at home so they can go to sleep. You need to check with these companies to see if they have what you need and require reservations.

If the baby is over one year of age, other articles can be added to the “Baby Welcome!” list:

  •    Bedrail
  •    Spare bed
  •    Games and activities depending on their age (Baby Club or similar).

Of course, you need to pack your baby’s suitcase to bring what they can’t provide. But you will save space because you won’t have to carry large, heavy objects.

Proper clothing, sunscreen, a hat, food if necessary, formulas if you don’t breastfeed, diapers, pacifier, favourite toy, etc. should be included.

To get advice about travel, go to Expert Advice about Travelling with Young Children.

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“Baby Welcome!” Travelling

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