Baby Purees

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Marie welcomes Mélissa Labonté, a dietician and nutritionist, to talk about baby purées. Introducing solid foods is a significant step for parents and babies. In this video, Marie and Mélissa answer your questions and show you how simple preparing homemade purées can be. They also provide a few recipes. They talk about the benefits of homemade purées vs. store-bought ones, the introduction of potentially allergenic foods and essential tools to make purées. Finally, they talk about serving purées and how much to serve.

This video wasp pre-recorded as it involved many difficult tasks that are hard to film live. The questions were received before shooting, so it reflects parents’ questions and concerns.

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Practical guide: Don’t forget to download and print our food table (French only) where you can check off to know what you have already introduced to your baby.

You can also watch another video about introducing solid foods and download our free eBook which includes many baby purée recipes (French only).

The blender used during the filming is the Breville BBL605XL. Thanks to Després Laporte for providing the blender.

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Mélissa Labonté
Dietician nutritionist
Mélissa Labonté Nutritionniste
1815 King Ouest, # 200, Sherbrooke
Tel. : 819 565-2706


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