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Photo - la vision du bébé s'améliore et il distingue les détails comme la moustache de grand-papa

A baby’s vision around 4.5-5 months allows them to see outlines and many more details. This is why the baby might suddenly cry seeing their grandfather! They may be surprised by the new clarity of sight, with grandpa’s big beard! Eyeglasses and other physical characteristics of people (big nose, mustache, etc.) are more visible at this stage in your baby’s growth.

For hearing, babies better understand the tone of voice. A dull or clear voice can be another source of stress or fear. Your baby isn’t wild or spoiled like you might hear sometimes! They can see better and are worried. They have to get used to all these new things slowly. Visitors have to deal with it and be patient.

Stimulating vision between 3-6 months:

  • Change the location of objects in their bedroom or move their crib, so they see their environment differently.
  • They have better eye coordination and can follow your indications when showing them an object. Name it at the same time to create associations.
  • They can grab objects around 5-6 months, put it in their mouth and look at it attentively for more extended periods. Vary the shape and colour of their objects.

When should you consult?

If you note that your baby doesn’t seem to respond to stimuli when growing and it worries you, go see an ophthalmologist. An eye exam is possible starting at six months of age. They will check their vision development. It is easier to correct a problem before they reach their full development.

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