To learn more about a very young baby’s vision, see Vision Around Four and a Half Months.

Photo - maman et bébé - vision du bébé

At seven and eight months, babies recognise people, point their fingers, follow objects with their eyes and can catch them, but only if they are rather close. Everything goes in their mouth as they are in their oral phase at this age. Quite an amusing period as the baby will try to imitate you. No need to tell you how these little monkeys will make you laugh with the faces they make!

Stimulating vision after seven months:

  • Play peekaboo to help them understand the permanence of an object, making them aware that an object still exists even if they can’t see it.
  • Place objects farther and farther away from them to stimulate their attention and desire to grab things placed outside of their reach.

Around 9-10 months, a young child has vision similar to their parents and sees things farther away, which is new for them at this stage. The colour of their iris is almost final. They can see and follow an object with their eyes.

Stimulating vision at 9-10 months:

  • Given your baby now sees people and object in their environment, playing peekaboo with them will be very fun!
  • Name toys and objects around them.
  • Wave bye, blow kisses and grimace.

At 11-12 months, your baby can see very well, follow things with their eyes, point at things they want, says a few words and picks up things around them, even with the tips of their fingers, and can see things from a distance. Get ready, because they can move around more, crawl, walk…a new stage is starting! Be careful, parents!

By learning about a baby’s vision development, you can stimulate it and understand how it impacts their daily lives.

Please go to this website that talks about your infant’s vision.

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