Read the first part of Charlotte’s story, These first two weeks with you were enchanting!

Lisez la partie précédente du récit de Charlotte, Ces deux premières semaines avec toi ont été un enchantement.

Dear Baby,

These two weeks have been full of wonderful discoveries. New sounds (Areuh!), responding to my smiles (which lit up my heart!), your communication. You are starting to grab things, like my hair (though not pulling it, yet!). You grab things to avoid falling down. You are purposefully touching, my nose, for example. Softly, like a caress. You respond when we pull on your tongue, but it still doesn’t stick out very far. Very cute!

Photo - Bébé qui dort - journal intime de Charlotte

You are learning to understand different daily activities (diapers, baths, breastfeeding…) and you show us what you want (your fist in your mouth to eat, for example). You seem to appreciate baths much more. You like sleeping on someone, and not too flat! You have eaten a lot and gained 70g a day. That reassures me. Your arms and legs are full of energy, you can push me! These weeks you have also slept longer, up to 3 or 4 hours. Your parents love that…

During week 4, you almost said “no” while crying. You seem to have started to resist sleep during the day since you began sleeping more at night. You have had a few panic attacks at the end of the day! But it was already easier the week after.

You are starting to learn how to deal with parents who aren’t always there, the end of our non-stop presence/response. You let out a few screams and seem to have been scared of the dark when we closed the drapes. And you made it clear that you needed mother or her breast to calm your biggest panic attacks.

You have gone out for the first time during the week with mom and dad. Downtown in the baby carrier, along the canal in your new stroller. You listened to Eric Clapton in concert as well as a few other excellent musicians.

Finally, you met my father. You were also babysat for the first time as me, and your dad went out for a lovely romantic dinner.

I watch your body, in the form of a drop of water, when you sleep. Your face when you stretch. Your fists as they clench, your deep eye. I am touched by your beauty several times a day.

To continue reading, go to, I always want to remember the softness of your feet.

Pour continuer votre lecture, accédez au prochain récit, Je voudrais me souvenir toujours de la douceur de tes pieds.


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