Marie, my baby has a fungal infection, thrush in his mouth, but I only see it on his palate, accompanied by small bumps. Do I need to treat him for his fungal infection? I don’t really know, because he is three-weeks-old and feeds well and hasn’t shown signs of changes. Thanks in advance, Andrea

Andrea, based on what you said, I am convinced that you are talking about Epstein Pearls. Yes, the white bumps have a name and are not associated with thrush ne correspondent pas du tout à du muguet dans la bouche de ton bébé. . Epstein Pearls are small, 2-3mm bumps, round and pearl white (thus the name) or sometimes yellowish. They appear on the hard, median line on the roof of your baby’s mouth. As it closes, the pearls will disappear. You don’t need to treat them at all.

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