Marie, my daughter is four months old, and I don’t understand her. I feel bad saying this, but she makes me crazy. She never goes to sleep by herself, wakes up all the time and she always wants me to hold her. Marie, her CRYING! ARGH! She screams…my husband and I are exhausted! Of course, I adore her, but I think we need help.

Thanks for your support, Suzie and Louis

Dear Suzie and Louis,

You are not alone feeling this way. And I would like to congratulate you on being able to put your feelings into words and ask for help. In fact, you are probably dealing with a high needs baby. Dr. William Sears wanted to learn about this type of temperament after having his 4th baby, one he found particularly challenging. Many professionals now refer to his work to help parents with other high needs babies. Please read my article My Baby is a High Needs Baby, which I wrote with Line, an experienced caregiver who works with parents.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert



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