Updated article on October 16th, 2019.

I saw a soft hole on my baby’s head. I know it’s normal, but I wanted to see if it’s dangerous for my baby if we touch it. Is it? And why is it there?


There are two fontanelles on a baby’s head. One is on the top, which is called the anterior and shaped like a diamond. The second is smaller and shaped like a triangle, and is called the posterior fontanelle because it’s normally on the back of the skull. These two openings are essential for skull mobility during childbirth and expansion as the baby’s brain develops. These portions of the skull are softer and more fragile, but won’t be harmed by regular daily movements, so don’t worry! For 96% of babies born at term, the larger fontanelle will close by 24 months, and the smaller around 4 months.

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