I have to stop breastfeeding because I am returning to work early, and I would like to know more about different kinds of formulas, and which one would be best for my baby. She is already three months old. I will breastfeed her in the morning and at night for as long as she wants to, but I only have two weeks to get her used to the formula. Can you help?

Thanks, Marie!


I understand your work obligations and the need to start with a formula. It’s hard to make the right choice. I want to start by congratulating you for having breastfed your baby full-time, and your intention to continue breastfeeding as long as possible. Given the age of your baby, the suggestions I would make are the same for a newborn, as her gastrointestinal system is still immature. Since there is a lot to say about the topic, please read my detailed article about Formulas for Newborns.

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