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The arrival of a baby brings many changes to daily life, many associated with family organisation. Many will change their car, which no longer suffices for 1, 2, or 3 children; others will move to a larger apartment or buy a house big enough for everyone in the family. Each family’s reality requires reorganisation of their daily lives. But one of the things future parents focus on is preparing the perfect room for their newborn. They will shop for hours to create a spot that is secure and practical for their little one.

In this entry:

I regularly receive questions from parents about paints and stains to use during pregnancy to avoid complications. I find their concerns very important, given that the future mother and in-utero baby can be harmed by certain products. It’s better to eliminate them completely from the pregnancy period as a precaution. In order to best respond to your questions, I found it important to speak to pros in the field, providing you with practical advice and better guiding your choices.

The literature states that normally, the occasional use of latex pains is considered safe during pregnancy or in the presence of a baby, as long as there is good air circulation. That said, if you have a doubt about a product, it’s always best to ask experts before purchasing it to avoid risks.

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