Help, I’m desperate! My baby is 2.5 months old, and he always cries. My mother told me that he’s too hungry and I have to add cereal to his bottle. However, I’m hesitant because I know that you are only supposed to start them after four months. My mother gave them to me when I was a baby, yet I wasn’t sick. I want to start them soon, but I need information to reassure me. Can you help? Justine

Justine, I can understand how you can feel powerless, uncomfortable and tired due to your baby’s persistent crying. Your baby isn’t crying for the fun of it. You have to find the possible causes to explain the situation you are experiencing. You need help; you don’t need to feed your baby. Justine, think about it. If your baby is highly sensitive and fragile with milk, imagine with solid foods!

Your baby has to be seen by a health professional for a full evaluation. Is his milk good for him? Did they have difficult childbirth? Are they tense or have other physical ailments? Do they have reflux? Is their fast neurologic and cerebral development stage making them irritable, or have they always been like that? Are they gaining enough weight and growing well? So many variables…

So you have to look at many things before telling a mother that their baby is crying because they’re hungry and need cereal. Their digestive system is very immature at this age, which makes them very vulnerable to everything that enters their mouth. This is why it’s important not to start solid foods too early, as they may not be ready for more than their milk.

In this context, I suggest that you avoid adding anything to their bottle before seeing your doctor or nurse at the local health centre. They will provide you with information about your baby and the type of support you can get to help your desperation.

I hope everything goes well!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert