To learn about changes in a baby’s stool, read Changes in Stool as Babies Develop.

The symptoms of a real constipation problem in a newborn can be numerous.

Photo - Bébé qui pleure : La constipation chez bébé

They are likely constipated if, in additional to their stool being infrequent:

    • it is hard;
    • it is dry (small hard balls);
    • the baby seems to have difficulty evacuating it – they become red, cry;
    • the stomach seems bloated and hard.

Les possibles conséquences de la constipation chez le nourrisson

  • pain when defecating;
  • appearance of an anal fissure or ulceration of the anal canal;
  • blood in their stool;
  • formation of a stool blockage in the rectum called fecaloma.


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