Ready for Baby’s Arrival

23-24 weeks pregnant, Postnatal

You can print the PDF list (in french only*) of the articles in the basic baby kit.

It’s always preferable to use natural fibres.

Clothing and bedding:

  •   3 dozen reusable diapers with waterproof covers OR a box of disposable diapers
  •   3-4 newborn sized diaper covers
  •   8-10 0-3 month sized diaper covers
  •   3 newborn sized pyjamas
  •   8-10 0-3 month sized pyjamas
  •   1-2 sleeping bags
  •   4 cloth bibs
  •   4-5 pairs of socks
  •   1-2 pairs of mittens (to avoid the baby scratching themselves)
  •   2 0-3 month sized sweaters
  •   2 0-3 month sized pants
  •   1-2 cotton caps
  •   1 baby sleeping bag depending on the season
  •   3 fitted sheets for the crib mattress
  •   8 light blankets (for example, muslin)
  •   1-2 warm blankets
  •   6 cotton quilts
  •   4 large bath towels and 8 facecloths
  •   Multi-service pram to cover the shell and for breastfeeding


Medicine Cabinet:

  •   Baby bath products: soft soap, hairbrush, mild shampoo, Vaseline, hydrating cream and ointment for buttocks
  •   Scissors or nail clipper
  •   Saltwater nasal vaporiser or vials
  •   Nose pump (battery model)
  •   Electronic rectal thermometer
  •   Tempra or liquid Tylenol for babies
  •   Protective buttocks cream
  •   Protective ointment for irritated buttocks
  •   First aid kit : with rectal thermometer or without rectal thermometer
  •   You can also download my First Aid Kit List (in french) to be sure to not miss a thing.

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This list of articles in the basic baby kit is also available in PDF format which you can print (in french only*). 

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Ready for Baby’s Arrival

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