If you want to learn more about manual breast pumps, go to Manual Breast Pumps.

If you want to increase or maintain your production and are having difficulty, don’t want to use a manual breast pump, want extraction to be easier, or give bottles regularly (more than 3-4 per week), choose an electric breast pump. 

Single Electric Breast Pump (one breast at a time)

This can be an option if you want to pump milk or give bottles occasionally. The power of this kind of breast pump does not allow you to maintain and significantly increase milk production over the medium and long term. Once again, the baby will be responsible for maintaining their mother’s milk production.

The benefits of a single electric breast pump:

This kind of pump is compact and easy to use. Its power and frequency are controlled by the mother, so it is faster and less tiring than a manual breast pump.


Photo - Tire-lait électrique double Freestyle de Medela

Double Electric Breast Pump (two breasts at a time)

It is designed to maintain or increase the mother’s milk production. The extraction time is shorter, between 10-15 minutes. Given its traction strength, the mother can expect to pump more milk than with a single electric breast pump. The breast stimulation obtained can, in a way, imitate the baby’s sucking. Among its characteristics, there is a faster but shallower pace of about 100-120 movements (suction and relaxation) per minute, followed by a deeper extraction phased of about 60 movements per minute, with adjustable intensity. This is an added benefit in many circumstances experienced by new mothers.

The benefits of double electric breast pumps:

A double electric breast pump also allows you to extract milk from the deeper part of the mother’s breast, which increase the breast draining quality with a higher energy content for the baby. It also helps maintain production at the same time. However, make sure the suction is not too strong and too long, because this can damage the mother’s nipples. 

It is also convenient. For example, if a mother gives birth to twins, she doesn’t have a lot of time, and we want the best stimulation possible to help follow her babies’ pace. The double breast pump cuts the time needed for stimulation and extraction in half (it should never be more than 20-30 minutes). 

A premature baby who has difficulty sucking will not stimulate their mother in the same way as a term baby, whose suction will be stronger. In this instance, the double electric breast pump can substitute or complement the baby’s sucking for a time, and it will also stimulate more milk production for her baby. 

Some mothers don’t want to have a baby latched to their breast but want to give them their milk. In this instance, a double breast pump is necessary, because the baby will not stimulate and maintain production. 

Some double electric breast pumps are more compact, portable, easier to use, lighter and more powerful than others. The latest models also allow you to recharge lithium batteries (like a cellphone), store programs, function hands-free and have digital screens. Everything for technologically advanced parents! 😊


You have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions since each model is different.

Sonata Double Electric Breast Pump

This is a newer model of breast pump for personal use. The Sonata double electric breast pump is somewhat a compromise between professional pumps used in hospitals and that you can rent and other personal electric breast pumps.

This model is efficient, fast and comfortable to use every day for new mothers. It is great for mothers who pump milk several times a day or for those who need supplemental milk using a breast pump.

The benefits of the Sonata double electric breast pump:

There are many benefits to the Sonata, including the options offered by its technology:

  •   Smart: The Sonata communicates directly with the MyMedela application via Smart Solution. This application compiles data relating to the time the pump is used to extract milk and the amount obtained each time.
  •   Quiet: The Sonata is the most silent breast pump on the market.
  •   Reactive: When using the different extraction paces, the Sonata guarantees comfortable sessions and performance consistency. You can personalise the speed to maximise milk production over shorter periods.
  •   Easy: The system is straightforward to use.
  •   Practical: the lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows you to extract milk anywhere, anytime.
  •   Adapted: Combined with the Sonata breast pump, the MyMedela application will enable you to both monitor milk extraction sessions and the baby’s development. The app can also give you advice and encouragement. 


If you expect to breastfeed for a more extended period, regularly pump your milk and have other children, the Sonata can be a better option than renting a professional grade pump for the same period. After several months of rentals, it can often be cheaper to rent.


Cleaning the Sonata and its parts is very easy. To learn how to clean and care for your breast pump, always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

To learn about the characteristics of professional breast pumps, go to the next part, Professional Grade Breast Pumps (rentals).

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