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Updated article on January 3th, 2022.

So now you’re wondering about using a breast pump? Your pregnancy is going well and before your baby or babies arrive, ha ha, you’d like to get a device to support breastfeeding? Or you’ve just given birth and you’re not sure whether it’s worth buying a breast pump. A good question! How in the world do you decide?

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Breastfeeding your baby is wonderful! You treasure those precious moments, but there are times you could do with a good tool to help you extract your milk and feel more comfortable. A mom may wake up engorged at night while the baby is sleeping or she may enjoy an evening out, come home and need to express milk. She may wish to keep some in reserve or to express regularly to build up her supply so she’ll have more to express afterwards. Some new mothers nurse twins, some give birth prematurely, others return to work soon after delivery or go back to class, occasionally a dad may give his baby a bottle… There are many reasons why parents consider purchasing a breast pump. Every new mom has her own personal needs that a breast pump must meet. The pump must suit the mother.

I’ve seen moms hand‑express, easily extracting enough milk for their baby. But usually, a breast pump makes it much easier and far less time consuming to express milk. Customers can choose from so many types and models of pumps on the market that finding the most suitable one isn’t easy. There are models for personal use like manual breast pumps, battery‑driven breast pumps, and single or double electric breast pumps. There also are professional‑grade pumps for rental. Of course, with a rental pump, a mother has to use her own personal tubing since breast milk is a biological fluid just like blood or saliva and can become contaminated as well.


First identify your needs: why do you want to express your milk? Then someone can help guide your purchase.

There are a number of types of breast pumps:

  1. Manual;
  2. Single electric;
  3. Double electric;
  4. Professional‑grade electric (rental breast pump).

Each category has its advantages and limitations.

Base your choice on the goals you set and the number of bottles you plan to give in a week. A breast pump must suit the woman using it. The breast shield should fit a new mom’s nipple, gently adhering to her breast to maintain maximum seal for better suction.

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