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Dear Mothers,

This week (yes, the 35th!) we had our first false alarm! Photo - Prendre un bain pour calmer les fausses contractions

In the night between Monday and Tuesday, well, actually at 4:30 in the morning, I started to have severe contractions similar to ones I had for my daughter the day she was born.

Since I have been having regular and painful contractions for several months (I’m bedridden), I am not sure what to think. However, these contractions were different, and I had only felt them once before, the day my beautiful daughter arrived. Very long, deep, intense, in the pelvis, coccyx, down to my knees, like a vice.

At 5:30 I rolled over and whispered to my husband that I think it’s started.

Even if we were both scared, because it was early (we have been trying to delay the birth for three months…), we were caught up in the magic.

He got up, washed and shaved. He said he wanted to look good for the baby. I felt calm and remembered the day my daughter was born. She was with me for every contraction that day. I told my husband I would take the famous hot bath.

Finally, around 6, it stopped.

However, this false alarm will be with me to the magic of your birth. I know it will be amazing. I know we will both be happy to welcome you.

It’s even better to know that FINALLY, you will be a bit bigger (than we thought). This magic, this secret, the happiness that I share with your father makes me smile.

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Photo - Avatar de Charlotte, maman collaboratrice au journal d'une maman

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