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Dear Parents,

I’m 39 weeks pregnant. Over the past two days, I have been leaking liquid. It’s like water, not sticky, and not urine. It started Friday night, and I wasn’t really sure what it was. Saturday morning I called the hospital, and they told me to cough to see and wait a bit. Nothing until 4 pm and then it started again. I was scared that labour was going to start.

Saturday we got to work! With my husband, we prepared the house. Mow the lawn, run errands, wash dishes, clean up…we wanted the home to be perfect for our return. It was a fun day.

I was worried about my daughter because the next day she was in a play and we were the only ones going.

Photo - 39 semaines de grossesse - journal intime de Charlotte

At four the leaking started again, so off to the hospital — suitcases in the car, my daughter’s bags, camera, costume and flowers for the play. The car was loaded to go on vacation!

We arrived at her friend’s place with all of this, taught her how to use the camera. Her friend’s mom would take them to the play. We were worried about our daughter that Sunday but didn’t have a choice. However, surrounded by her two friends, their parents, all looking at us emotionally, I think she will have a good time.

We arrived in the maternity ward to do an amniotic fluid test. NOTHING. I wondered where the liquid was coming from. Maybe it was the bathwater from a bath I took a couple of days ago. They were very kind to us and told us it was right to come in even if there was nothing. I was hooked up to a monitor, and it was nice to spend 30 minutes like that the three of us.

The midwife (or mid-husband?) made a joke which made me laugh. Our baby was laying on its side (its heart is always on the left for the monitor). I said it out loud. The man looked at us and laughed, and asked which one of us had that habit?

His joke touched me. I said the baby is a result of our love. I have known that for a long time, but it was a gentle reminder. My husband and I were very touched.

The mid-husband is funny. He focuses on human contact during his work. Each time we see him, he takes time to respect intimacy, gives explanations, and is very attentive ensuring each gesture he makes is not automatic. He sits down beside you if you are bedridden to speak to you at the same height.

Sometimes he makes me feel uncomfortable with his analysis and probing, but he avoids the pitfalls associated with hospitals and gives meaning to his work through the happiness of welcoming a child. He could be Marie’s apprentice! My mother-in-law who was a nurse called that “the true sense of being a nurse” in her research work. I find that interesting.

All three of us returned home and had a lovely meal together. Very happy to have experienced this adventure.

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