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Theme: Milk Intolerance and Allergies (French only)

Marie answers your questions about milk intolerances and allergies. How can you recognise an intolerance, and what should you do if you think there’s an allergy involved?


Introduction : context, no self-diagnosing, guiding your observations

00:01:00 : Defining intolerance and allergy

00:02:10 : Possible causes of an intolerance and allergy

00:03:14 : Allergy signs

00:10:10 : Warning signs that you need to act quickly

00:11:37 : Examples of allergies for a mother exclusively breastfeeding

00:18:00 : Probiotics

00:19:00 : Examples of allergies for a baby fed with commercial formulas

00:21:00 : What should you do for an intolerance and allergy?

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