Theme: The pelvic floor with Olivia Dubois, a physiotherapist specialising in perineal re-education

Facebook Live video with Olivia Dubois, a physiotherapist who is finishing her doctorate at the Centre d’expertise en rééducation périnéale et pédiatrique Cigonia. Marie and Olivia discuss the pelvic floor, all the muscles, ligaments and tissues that support the organs in the pelvis – bladder, uterus and intestines. You will learn about the essential role the pelvic floor plays throughout life. You will learn how to know if your pelvic floor is weakened based on several signs – urine loss, prolapse (organ displacement) or painful sexual relations. She will provide advice about things to do to keep this structure in shape during pregnancy. She will end by talking about how to recover after childbirth.


Introduction: the role of the pelvic floor, consequences of weakening, recovery after childbirth

00:08:00: How to prepare it before pregnancy (prevention)?

00:11:15: What are the signs that it is weakening?

00:15:20: Kegel exercises and strengthening

00:23:00 and 00:38:00: How can you have a strong pelvic floor during pregnancy?

00:56:00: How can you help it recover after childbirth?

01:10:00: When should you see a specialist?

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Olivia Dubois
Physiotherapist specialising in perineal re-education and pediatrics

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