Date : 10 décembre 2017

Theme: Pharmacology and Maternity

Pregnancy is a time in life where it’s essential to take medications and products that are adapted to your situation. You need to avoid negative impacts on the baby’s development. For a new mother who breastfeeds her baby, it’s also interesting to learn about recommendations from a pharmacologist.

In this video, I welcome Anne-Émilie Dionne, a pharmacist with Familiprix Jean-Luc Trottier, Jean-Philippe Cliché and Marc-Denis Hubert. We talk about pharmacology and maternity. 


Introduction and presentation of Anne-Émilie Dionne, a pharmacist

00:10:02: Prevention (daily hygiene, multivitamins with folic acid)

00:12:23: Warnings (Bill 41, risk of certain medications)

00:26:32: Medical consultation advice

00:32:26: Anxiolytics and anti-depressants

00:36:00: Poor sleep

00:40:09: Thyroid gland

00:45:24: Pregnancy diabetes

00:49:00: Hypertension

00:53:04: Pregnant women ailments

00:53:40: Headaches

00:56:01: Vaginitis

00:58:51: Hemorrhoids

00:59:46: Constipation

01:03:51: Cold

01:04:00: Sore throat

01:05:30: Cough

01:07:18: Decongestants

01:07:37: Baby ailments

01:08:38: Baby colds

01:11:23: Tylenol

01:14:22: Constipation

01:15:21: Teething

01:19:25: Conclusion

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Anne-Émilie Dionne


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