I recently read an article from Europe that talked about different helpful positions during labour and childbirth suggested by a doctor over there. I was wondering if hospital staff are trained in these techniques. Thanks in advance for your answer, Lyne

Hello Lyne, I think the European doctor you are referring to is Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet. In effect, she is a doctor but also a yoga teacher, and I believe she revolutionised what we know about mechanisms during labour and childbirth. She has adapted several positions to facilitate everything for the mother and the baby. I have to admit that she made me question some of my beliefs. I also came to understand why things I would do when I was a nurse helped mothers without really realising why? 

Unfortunately, her vision of current practices has not been widely accepted in all hospital settings. I did some research about this woman and the changes she is suggesting, and I wrote an article about it. Please read Who is Bernadette de Gasquet?

Je t’attends au lien suivant pour la suite : Qui est Bernadette de Gasquet?


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