Hello Parents,

Today I will talk about a delicate subject. Living with a “different” child is a subject that is difficult to talk about with couples expecting a baby or who just gave birth.

Even if pregnancy monitoring today is very meticulous compared to the past, and there are many screening tests during pregnancy, parents often feel powerless faced with the mysteries of life and human nature.

In this article:

We can never guarantee parents about their child’s future. Parents always expect to welcome a healthy baby. Experiencing the arrival of a baby that is different leads to all sorts of emotions and incomprehension. No one is safe from this drama. This is why I decided to talk to you frankly and openly about this possibility, raising awareness in the general population.

You have to:

  • Break modern societal taboos where everything has to be perfect, where image matters most
  • Break the isolation that parents, their friends and family and even the child can experience in this situation
  • Be open to the reality of some families to promote societal education and goodwill towards the notion of “different”

Even if some babies are born and grow with a “different” external appearance, most will develop physically normally. At the psychosocial level, there will be challenges, just like for their parents. Often, new parents expect their child to be accepted by their friends and family. They worry about how people see them, future intimidation and are scared they will be rejected.

For parents, having a baby that is different is a process that requires adaptation and time.

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