Marie, my partner and I have been trying for five months to have a baby. I am not really concerned yet, but I have questions about possible conception problems. I wonder if there are things we can look for to know if the problem is due to me or my partner. Can you help? Thanks, Félicia

Hello Félicia,

I understand why you might be concerned and have questions. If you want to learn more about possible infertility problems, please read several articles that I wrote on the topic dealing with women and men and the issue. Please read The Concept of Infertility, Factors Influencing Fertilisation, and Tests for Women. To learn more, read Men and Infertility and Possible Treatments.

L’infertilité comme concept, les facteurs pouvant influencer la fécondation et les tests à passer au féminin. Pour mieux connaître aussi le vécu des hommes en infertilité et les traitements possibles par la suite, je t’attends à l’instant.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert  


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