To learn more about pregnancy and changes to the abdomen, go to Abdomen.

Pregnancy symptoms occur throughout the body. In this entry, we will look at the lower body.

Swollen legs are also a common symptom in many pregnant women at different times. These symptoms are often seen in the last weeks, given the weight of the stomach which compresses vessels in the groin. Circulation is poor which creates an accumulation of liquid in the lower appendages. According to the literature, 30 to 40% of women will have more leg cramps in the second and third trimesters related to lactic acid buildup in the muscles, especially at night.

This increase in blood and other liquids, coupled with a change in the body mechanics and hormones can lead to varicose veins (dilated veins) and hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy leads to many changes, but never forget that there is a beautiful baby growing in your uterus. Don’t forget that it’s necessary but temporary. The gift of life is coming…focus on that!

Here is a live video I filmed on May 29 where I answer your questions:

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