I am 16 weeks pregnant, and my legs are already swollen. My mother told me to wear support socks to help, but is it a good idea? Looking forward to your answer before buying them. Thanks, Charlotte

A support sock or stocking can help reduce water retention in your lower limbs and the discomfort that can come with this.

Compression or support socks are great as long as you have the right size and they are used at the right time based on good practices.

Additionally, some women buy their socks in a pharmacy and choose them at random, which usually leads to suboptimal results.

Ideally, the doctor will determine the support strength you need. Then a qualified caregiver in a specialised orthopedic store can measure your calves and thighs to suggest the right size.

To learn more about support socks, please read my article called Support Socks During Pregnancy – Yes or No?

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