Swelling during pregnancy occurs for all pregnant women but isn’t always visible. Let me explain.

In fact, a pregnancy, at the metabolic level, leads to a 50% increase in your blood volume, occurring progressively up to the end of the pregnancy. This is why your system will contain a liquid load that your body has never experienced. It’s like an internal physiological swelling normal for all pregnant women.

However, this increase in blood volume, as well as family traits for water retention, can contribute to the appearance for some of serious edema, swelling and bloating during pregnancy.

With the growth of your uterus and baby, your abdomen will take up more space, and your weight will increase. This will compress or compromise your blood circulation, especially in the right groin, putting pressure on the vena cava and harming venous return. An accumulation of liquids in your lower appendages will occur, especially in your feet and calves. This will frequently happen at the end of the day for a pregnant woman if she was standing or sitting a lot because circulation wasn’t optimal. At night you might feel more twinges or a feeling of heavy legs.

To conclude, and to help with prevention, I would like to mention that if you note swelling in your face, neck or elsewhere at the same time, it’s imperative to talk about this with your doctor to treat possible pregnancy hypertension.

Take care, and I wish everyone a great pregnancy.

Talk soon,
The Baby Expert

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