You are succeeding at so many new things!

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Dear Baby,

You are succeeding at so many new things. Sometimes you are a little boy, sometimes an infant, sometimes an older gentleman deep in thought.

You are fully in communication with your surroundings. Well, you always have been, but now you use our codes: you try to play peek-a-boo (like your brother does it), you lean forward if you want to go on someone, you show “friend” with your index (you rise up, but without advancing your hand), you touch hands, you laugh at our jokes or when you see us laugh as a family. It’s so much fun communicating with you. 

You work hard at trying to talk: “smack,” “rrr,” “ba,” “buff,” “ga,” tons of new sounds (some challenging to repeat, but they are sounds we use in French). You even said “dada” looking at your dad, and I think it will be good for him soon.

You are experiencing new things, I put on your bathing suit, and we took a bath. You loved it, I can reassure you. You loved projecting yourself with your feet. You also love the outdoors. I introduced you to ducks with your dad when I was pregnant, when I still couldn’t see you. I watched them closely.

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You have also started to learn how to be patient, how to reassure yourself…with a blanket! It’s too cute when you sleep, it’s a lot easier if you have Fifi 3 the rabbit. You can now grab and discover things with your fingers, bring things to you, blankets, whisks, your index to your mouth…

You slept your second full night, and unfortunately, two teeth seem to be bothering you. But it will be worth it, as I think you are interested in food!

Your muscle tone is impressive. You can sit up for a fraction of a second or two, back straight. You have Zen side to you, as long as you can concentrate. You show me new things, such as shadows on my leg, which I don’t pay attention to anymore.

I have gone back to work part-time, and it’s very hard. I miss you. You now stay with the nanny. I am scared of leaving you with someone I don’t really know, even if she is nice.

I love you, my baby. My older daughter grew up too fast, so I want to take advantage of this time…I won’t put you down too often!

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