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N.B Marie is no longer a nurse. She has not been a member of the Ordre des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec since 2016. She has also been retired from the health network since 2016. Please note that some videos were shot while she was a member of the Order, which explains the title of perinatal nurse indicated at the time, which is no longer effective today.

Do you want to massage your baby but don’t know where to start? In this video, Suzanne Boily, baby massage teacher, will show you how with a mother and her baby. You will learn about different products you can use and the moves you should and shouldn’t do.

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Natural Methods for Pain Relief

Natural Methods for Pain Relief

Yoga ball, magic bag, birthing chair, bath, etc. Many tools and methods to soothe pain are available during childbirth. Marie

Clearing the Airways

How to know if your baby is at risk of choking or suffocating? What should you do if your baby
Baby's Sleep

Baby’s Sleep

Marie welcomes Evelyne Martello to talk about baby sleep from birth to one year of age. Together, they answer questions
Analgesics and Anesthetics

Analgesics and Anesthetics

Are you giving birth in a hospital and would like to learn about the different ways to soothe pain? Marie

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The baby isn’t moving as much...

The baby isn’t moving as much…

I feel that my baby is moving less and I’m worried because I like it when they move around. How can I know if they
Can I have an epidural with a tattoo on my back?

Can I have an epidural with a tattoo on my back?

Marie, I was wondering whether if I can get an epidural even with a tattoo on my lower back. My friend said that it wasn’t
When fungal infections arrive!

When fungal infections arrive!

When we talk about thrush, candidiasis, mycosis, or yeast, we are always talking about fungi. You will often hear about a baby with thrush or
Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms

C’est bien de comprendre ce qui nous arrive. Dans ce billet, je décrirai les changements durant la grossesse, du début à la fin.

Baby Massages

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