CMV Treatment and Prevention

11-12 weeks pregnant, Health advice

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Given that a CMV infection in a healthy person will suddenly disappear or remain latent most of the time, antiviral treatments won’t be advised. Currently, treatments that diminish the risks of infection for a baby in utero are unavailable.

For serious illnesses, anti-CMV antiviral (immunoglobulin) medications exist, but their effectiveness hasn’t really been documented. For babies, they will be cared for by a multidisciplinary team using antiviral treatments and close paediatric monitoring. An audiology test will be performed to eliminate these types of afflictions.

Much is still unknown about cytomegalovirus infections during pregnancy, both for a baby in utero and a newborn infected during the neonatal period. Research continues to better understand the infection.

Preventing CMV

Approved vaccines to prevent the cytomegalovirus infection aren’t available, but vaccines are currently being tested. Vaccine research is advancing quickly since this infection is considered a health priority worldwide. A vaccine might be available soon for women without CMV antibodies (negative test meaning no infection) who want to become pregnant or starting a pregnancy. This will prevent contracting the infection during pregnancy and infecting the baby..

Since cytomegalovirus is often transmitted by children under three years of age, here are a few precautionary hygiene rules and other suggestions for pregnant women.

  1. Regularly wash your hands (also when changing diapers)
  2. Avoid placing your child’s objects in your mouth
  3. Avoid kissing children on the mouth
  4. Don’t take a bath with a child
  5. Avoid direct contact with an ill person
  6. Rest
  7. Use condoms when having sex during pregnancy
  8. Resting and reducing stress will help ensure your immune system works well to avoid a CMV infection.

When a pregnant woman regularly works in direct, repeated and frequent contact with young children she will go on automatic early leave.

Automatic leave can help pregnant women with higher risks of becoming infected, those working in daycares with babies. We try to reduce the direct risks of infection associated with the workplace health and safety program “Safe Motherhood.” You can also do other tasks that respect preventative measures for pregnant women.

Personally, I find this information about cytomegalovirus infections important to help you prevent infection and protect mother and baby from potential repercussions.

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