My name is Joelle, and I am worried because I have new pregnancy symptoms and I don’t know if they are normal or not. Are there signs that I should worry about and go see my doctor? Thanks in advance, Joelle.

Hello Joelle,

Each situation should be evaluated to see if everything is healthy or not. But I will list some symptoms that you should talk to your doctor about if you have them.

if you gain a lot of weight over a very short period

if you lose bright red blood with or without clots with or without cramps

if you have swelling of your feet, hands and face

if you have sudden intense headaches

if you have blurred vision or if you see stars or a have a buzzing in your ears, vertigo

if you have a cramp in the base of your stomach

if you have difficulty urinating, if you have a fever, or have a severe skin outbreak


These elements should be carefully examined and shared with your health professional.

It’s important to be watchful for different signs, but don’t spend your days focusing on it.


The Baby Expert