I was diagnosed with pemphigoid gestationis. I didn’t know how to react to the doctor. I have no idea what that means. Can you help? Thanks, Roseline

Hello Rosaline, pemphigoid gestationis is an affliction that can occur during pregnancy affecting your immune system, more specifically, your antibodies. You will have a cutaneous reaction. Without going into all the metabolic details, I can tell you it’s very rare, about 1 case per 20,000-50,000 people, which makes you an exceptional person! 😊 

It usually occurs during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, and often in women who have already had a child. It is characterised by an itchy rash that develops into blisters.

It’s usually found on the stomach, torso and lower appendages, in rare cases on your face and in your mouth. It can be treated, and the risks for the baby are associated with prematurity and low birth-weight. There are often genetic factors in the family that can explain this occurrence. Most of the time, it disappears within a few weeks or months after childbirth. It takes about 16 weeks to heal. Rosaline, that’s about all I can say, and I strongly suggest you write down all your questions and ask them to your doctor during your next appointment.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

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