Hello Parents!

I’ve prepared a list of 10 golden rules that you should never forget during your pregnancy. Happy reading!

  1. Pregnancy is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. You have to experience it one day at a time.
  2. Not every woman likes being pregnant. Each pregnancy and woman is different. Please, stop comparing yourselves! Something that works for one woman may not necessarily work for another. Each person is unique!
  3. You can’t control everything during pregnancy, but you have to trust yourself and keep an open mind throughout this evolving situation.
  4. It’s normal to have 1000s of questions, worries and doubts when you learn you’re pregnant. Don’t listen to the horror stories you may hear from people around you.
  5. A healthy baby is the most beautiful gift in the world, and giving birth to a child is an unforgettable moment. In the end, childbirth may not happen in the way you imagined it. But when mother and baby are fine, it’s extraordinary even if you didn’t give birth in scented water, lights dimmed and a choir singing to you! 😊
  6. Surround yourselves with people who will listen to you, support you, encourage you and love you.
  7. Changes caused by pregnancy come with different symptoms: mood swings, poor sleep, pain, discomfort and even movements by the baby, when felt for the first time, may seem strange and puzzling. All of this requires patience and learning to understand your own personal character.
  8. You will gain weight during pregnancy. You can’t lose weight during pregnancy, even if you were overweight at the start. You have to learn to live with this reality, as your body WILL change!
  9. A healthy lifestyle will positively influence the mother’s health and also the health of your growing baby.
  10. It’s essential to include the person that shares your life in your pregnancy: appointments, ultrasounds, prenatal classes, developing a relationship with the baby, etc. You need to give them their own space during this wonderful time!

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The Baby Expert

Photo source: Unsplash