Did you read What are the Signs of a Listeria Infection?

Frequently, a listeriosis diagnosis for a pregnant woman will be made through a blood test. By testing the sample, the health professional will see if the listeria bacteria is present or no.

The can also do a lumbar puncture to test the cerebrospinal fluid, or take vaginal samples.

For a baby, they might examine the liquid in their stomach to detect if they were infected in utero.

Transmitting Listeria from Mother to Baby

Photo : Femme enceinte avec les mains posées sur son ventreGenerally speaking, the transmission of a listeria infection is made by ingesting contaminated foods. However, when a woman is carrying a baby, we know that listeria can traverse the placenta and reach the fetus. We also know that the baby can be infected during childbirth while passing through their mother’s vagina.

Listeriosis Infection Risks

For the pregnant woman:

Beyond potential symptoms, pregnant women will rarely face complicated situations. But if the infection took place during the first trimester, the listeria infection may lead to miscarriages. There is also a risk of premature delivery later in the pregnancy.

For the baby:

If the baby is infected, their brain (meningitis) or blood may become infected, which can lead to severe complications or death.

How can you avoid listeriosis?